General Information

  • Where do we fly from?

We fly from Jandakot Airport.  Jandakot is located just 15 to 20 minutes from the Perth CBD on the southern (Kwinana) freeway.  Our address is 10 Eagle Drive, Jandakot Airport.

  • How does it all work?

Rottnest Air-Taxi is a value-for-money Private Air-Charter company.  What that means is that we supply a private aeroplane for you (and a pilot of course!) at a fixed price.  We currently have four aeroplanes, and we fly all hours of the day, so there is plenty of availability!

  • What sort of aeroplanes can I book?

We have 4-seater and 7-seater aeroplanes to charter.  The 4-seater has 3 passenger seats, and the 7-seaters have 6 passenger seats.

In case you are wondering, the remaining seat is the pilot’s desk.

  • How do I book?

You may book online on this website.

  • Can I book over the phone?

If you prefer you may book over the phone with Visa or Mastercard details.  We might not answer the phone late at night or early in the morning, or while we are piloting an aeroplane.  We hope you understand!


Passenger and Luggage Weight

  • How much weight and luggage can I take?

Good question!  As you can understand there are passenger weight and baggage limits.  If you are just going for the day it is generally not a problem.  We expect passengers to be able to take bathers and towels and general day-pack items without a problem.

If you are staying overnight on Rottnest, then we don’t mind if you bring small bags as well.  Most people manage quite well with 10 to 15kg each, packed in one or two small cabin sized bags per person.  We have no room for bikes or surfboards, and very little room for kitchen sinks.

We are unable to carry dangerous goods.  This means no e-scooters or other similar powered items.

Please note that the displayed maximum weight capacity of the aeroplane is for passengers (not the pilot) AND their luggage.  The pilot WILL NOT ACCEPT LOADING ABOVE THE SPECIFIED WEIGHT LIMITS.



  • What are your cancellation terms?

If we need to cancel the flight on the day due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we will attempt to contact you, and offer to either re-schedule your flight at no charge or give you a full refund. It’s your choice.

If you request cancellation of a booked flight, administration fees will apply.
Those fees are:
More than 48 hours ahead, $100.
One day ahead of your booked flight $150.
Cancellations on the day of your flight are non-refundable.


  • What if I just want to change to another time or date?

If you request rescheduling of a booked flight, administration fees will apply.
Those fees are:
More than 48 hours ahead, $100.
One day ahead of your booked flight $150.
Rescheduling on the day of your flight will be considered a last minute cancellation.  See “Cancellations by you” above. We prefer to make our service as flexible as possible and, at our discretion, may reduce or waive the above fees.

A rescheduled service might not be able to be rescheduled immediately to a known time, and will in that case be put on hold.  Flights put on hold are considered a temporary arrangement and will need to be re-booked as soon as possible. The amount paid for a flight put on hold can be used as a credit towards the same service, or any other of our services. Our prices may change with time and a balance may be required when booking at a later date.  Flights put on hold for any reason cannot be refunded later on.  Flights put on hold for longer than 12 months will expire and can no longer be used.

Sometimes we are unable to service your flight at exactly the time that is on the booking. If we need to reschedule your flight on the day due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we will re-schedule your flight at no charge to a different time on the same day.


The Weather

  • Will weather conditions affect me?

Probably not, this is Perth after all!  Weather that affects the ferries is different to the weather that affects flights – we are immune from ocean conditions, flying 2000 feet above the ocean waves!

Our pilots take their safety responsibilities seriously.  They make weather decisions with your welfare foremost in mind.

We often run when the ferries have been delayed or cancelled, however occasionally we might be delayed by poor visibility.  This is a rare event, even in the winter – but we do recommend travel insurance if delays or cancellations are a concern to you.

  • Will I get motion sickness?

We will be well above the ocean swell.  The trip to Rottnest Island – or back – is just 12 minutes.

So…   probably not.

Booking Joy Flights

  • How do they work?

Joy flights  take off from either Jandakot Airport or Rottnest Island, fly a spectacular scenic route and land back where they started.  They’re great, you’ll love it.

For something extra special we have the option to do joy-flights at sunset time.

Other Information

  • Can I get on board coughing and sneezing with bleary eyes and a runny nose?

Best not try.  Under the present circumstances, our staff and pilots cannot work when ill, even if it is a common cold.  We cannot risk their livelihood and ours by becoming ill from our passengers, even if it is “just a cold”.  Therefore any attempt to fly with us with symptoms will incur cancellation charges.  However, if your symptoms are mild and you bring a mask – AND WEAR IT PROPERLY – that would be a really good alternative to having your flight cancelled.

  • What time do we need to be there by?

We need you to attend our office 20 minutes prior to your selected departure time.

  • Do we cater for wheelchairs?

Our 7-seater aeroplanes can carry collapsible wheelchairs.  Passengers will require some mobility to access our aeroplanes.  Please call us before booking a flight.

  • How much does it cost?

The cost is fixed per aeroplane.  The cost per person depends on how many of you are travelling – the indicative prices displayed are for typical numbers.  These are private flights only, so please do not ask to share with others.   Some early or late flights (before 9am or after 4:30pm) can vary in price.  By clicking through ‘Book Now’ buttons you will find prices displayed.

  • Are there extra charges?

Airport admission charges and landing fees, GST, parking and just about anything else our fevered imaginations can come up with – are already included in our prices.

In other words…   no!


  • How Far is the Airport on Rottnest Island from the centre?

Rottnest Airport is 900m from the centre of town in Thomson Bay.  It is even closer to the Bike Hire (600m).  There is a bus service that operates approximately half hourly.   

  • What else do I need to think of ?

Wear sensible clothes and shoes for Rottnest Island, and for getting into and out of slightly awkward aeroplanes.

Take lots of sunscreen to Rottnest Island.

There are numerous food outlets on Rottnest Island, no needs to weigh yourselves down with lunch or provisions.

Be contactable by us in the days before your flight and while you are on the Island.

Contact a friend.  Tell them you are thinking of them while you are on Rottnest Island.  Send a picture of the views as you arrive!


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