• For when you are on Rottnest Island and want to see it from the best angles.
  • Even our 10 minute flight is enough time to tour all the way around Rottnest Island.
  • Amazingly there is the terrific option to fly over Perth city too!
  • Otherwise, a quick flight back to Perth (Jandakot) is available today!
  • Flight duration advertised below is the expected actual airborne part of your scenic flight.
  • Passengers 3 to 12 years of age can be carried as children.
  • Passengers younger than 3 can be carried free of charge.

We enjoy enormously providing these following flights.  They are great value, and are a fantastic way to show you your island.  However, please be aware that we need to consider weather and pilot availability in scheduling your flight.  

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○ Rottnest Island 10-minute Scenic Joy Flight

 Rottnest Island 10-minute Scenic Joy Flight

Terrific viewing all the way around Rottnest Island. It’s quick, easy, and a great way to see Rotto!  Ideal for aviation first-timers.  After take-off we will take you on an airborne tour around Rottnest, being either a full orbit or a figure eight, depending on what gives you the best views.


○○ Rottnest Island 20-minute Scenic Joy Flight

 Rottnest Island 20-minute Scenic Joy Flight

This flight includes two orbits around the Island. High up for an overview, then again lower down for a closer inspection!  Seasonally there’s a good chance of spotting whales, and always a great way of seeing the beaches and reefs and lakes that make Rottnest so attractive.

○○○ Rottnest Island and City 35-minute Scenic Joy Flight

 Rottnest Island and City 35-minute Scenic Joy Flight

On this one, we will take you over the Metro beaches to Perth City, Optus Stadium, the Swan River to Fremantle and then back around Rottnest Island. It’s great viewing and terrific value-for-money.   Who would have thought…  the best views of Perth can be found on Rottnest Island!


‹ Rottnest to Perth - Up to 3 passengers.

HALF PRICE ….     $145   TODAY ONLY.

With say two passengers that is … $123 EACH.

With three passengers that is …….. $49 EACH.


Maximum luggage 45kg. 



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