Our specially designed equipment safely and easily disperses ashes from the aeroplane. 



When you book one of our standard flights out of Jandakot Airport, we’ll include ash-scattering along the way for free!  These standard flights include scenic flights such as our ‘City and Beaches’ or Northern Tour’, or on a transfer flight between Rottnest Island and Perth (Jandakot).


If you have another location in mind, let us know and we can discuss the possibilities. 

Naturally we cannot scatter ash just anywhere.  In general scattering will be over the ocean, over bush-land, or over private property with the owner’s permission.


Another possibility, if you do not wish to come along, is to let us do it for you.   We frequently travel over the water to Rottnest Island, and are happy to scatter along the way for a small charge.  



Call us on 0421 389 831 or email with your request.

Rottnest Air-Taxi

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